Covid-19: What is the impact on your business?

Norfolk Chambers is supporting the Norfolk business community - keeping you up to date and working hard to get further clarity on the various business support options.  We will continue to listen to you and ensure that your voice is heard across both the region and nationally.

Last week was all about us ensuring that the government’s key messages and their rapidly evolving support schemes were clearly visible to the Norfolk business community.  Our remit this week is to ensure that the support schemes available are operating in the way they are meant to and that the necessary support is getting through to those businesses who need it.

The impact of COVID-19 means that the current times are both challenging and unprecedented.  Many businesses are having to operate in radically new ways, facing challenges that they just did not anticipate and many are also trying to make a huge difference in the fight against the virus.

We want to ensure that Norfolk Chambers supports the business community in the most effective and useful ways and have designed a brief poll to help us to understand how best to help.  Make sure your voice is heard and listened to – take the poll now.

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