1 Month to go until Talking Tech 2018

With just 1 month until our flagship technology event returns to The Space Norwich in September, we want to look into why this event is key to the Norfolk business calendar.

Each year, up to 200 Norfolk businesses attend Talking Tech. These businesses range from start-ups to well established companies, all looking to improve their use of technology and prepare for future innovations.

The focus of this year’s conference is looking forward – what is coming? How do we prepare? That’s what our speakers will be helping you with. We’ve doubled the size of the line-up this year to expand our topic reach and introduce as many different ways of thinking as possible. The introduction of our panel discussions allows the audience to get involved, share opinions and ask questions to experts who live and breathe this knowledge through their daily work lives. They also allow us to hear different opinions and experiences from different size businesses in different industries.

The event will close with two in-depth, knowledgeable workshops which will continue to emphasise our themes of future thinking technology.

Our speakers for the day will be addressing some key issues amongst the tech industry including the skills gap and getting more women into tech. They will also be covering vital topics such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, gamification and more.

This event is designed to inspire, and to almost scare you into realising the endless possibilities the future can hold, and how the business landscape as we know it today will continue to change.

For more information on the event, including detailed topics from each of our speakers, please click here.


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