When a sorry turns to a thanks

Things don’t always go to plan but it’s how you deal with those situations that speaks volumes about you and your business. Back in May we ran a breakfast at the Cosy Club which definitely didn’t run as smoothly as we all would have liked. On Friday 30th August we returned as they invited us and our May guests back to seek redemption.

Following the last breakfast we fed back the disappointment of our guests at the standard of service received, instead of chalking it up to experience and saying “thanks for the feedback” Cosy Club invited everyone back to set things right. The morning definitely gave our Customer Experience Team Member Jordan “the fear” but she decided that everyone deserves a second chance so accepted and began sending out the invites. She let her inner control freak loose, keeping in constant contact with them and probably drove them mad with all her checking and double-checking!

We had a small but perfectly formed group with us for a morning featuring two networking activities and a very informal swapping of tables. There was a real buzz of anticipation as guests entered and began networking in the beautiful main dining area. After being seated guests were asked to share a surprising fact about themselves with others on their table, we even had someone who has featured on a The Only Way Is Essex episode, quite the claim to fame! Towards the end of their networking time the Cosy Club team served breakfast, there were lots of very happy faces at this point!

After everyone had been fed a small vote was held on whether a networking activity or free networking time was preferred, the networking activity took it. Guests shared the best customer service they’ve ever experienced, Jordan kicked it off by congratulating Cosy Club on their fantastic turnaround there was even clapping!

The morning was closed by Cosy Club’s General Manager Tim who thanked everyone for coming along to give them a second chance. Guests left full of delicious breakfast having had a good morning of networking with a fantastic impression of the team. It really goes to show that, although getting it right the first time is of course the preferred option, how you deal with difficult situations when they arise is just as important. Previously we had vowed never to return to Cosy Club, after this morning we’ll be happy to bring our members back and cannot thank the team enough for their hospitality. They definitely turned their sorry to our thanks!

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