Wine Tasting - The Trendy Way To Network


Last night we hosted our first Wine Tasting evening with HarperWells - and what a great evening it was! 

As an almost sold out event, it gave the perfect opportunity to meet with our new members, catch up with existing ones and make new businesses connections.

The evening started with an extra dry prosecco from Italy on arrival, to the cleanse the pallet. Brian Sullivan from HarperWells gave a brief description of the wines that we were tasting; Two Whites, an Albarino from Spain (2017 Ramon Bilbao) and a French 2017 Domaine De La Guicharde. Then on the three reds, chosen by the HarperWell's professionals, 2017 Malbec from Argetina, a 2017 Negromamaro/Primitivo from Italy,and lastly 2011 Ramon Bilbao, a Rioja from Spain! 

Whilst the group were networking, the amazing HarperWell's staff we're coming by pouring firstly the white wines and then followed the reds! This allowed the room to network freely, and of course, help ourselves to the beautifully presented 'cheeses, breads, olives and oils'. 

All the wines complimented the delicious cheeses perfectly and we want to extended our gratitude to Brian and Samuel, the amazing wine experts of HarperWells, for putting together such a wonderful evening!

Our next evening event is a free to attend event with Coleman Opticians, there will be wine and cocktails, and a behind the scenes of optometry; for more information click here

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