A “Golden” opportunity for UK business

Belgium may not be as well known as some other global markets, but it is an open and dynamic export market for British goods and services, and the most globalised country in the world . You wouldn’t guess that this country of 11 million people with three official languages is also the UK’s 6th largest trading partner in the world, with UK exports worth £12.7bn in 2012 – more than India and China put together!

Compact, close and affluent, Belgium is a great starting point to build your business across all of Europe. It’s just over two hours by Eurostar to Brussels or a short and hassle free hop from the wonderful London City Airport to Antwerp.

“It is an ideal place for the first time exporter and a great stepping stone to the rest of Europe” says Jonathan Brenton, HM Ambassador to Belgium, “English is widely accepted, and there are quick and easy communications and connections with the UK and the rest of mainland Europe”.

As a market place, the country is full of opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized business. Belgians value good life and place a premium on non-price factors such as design, quality, delivery, and after sales service. British exports to Belgium powered ahead by 9% over the past year, the highest increase for any EU market. Key sectors include chemicals, ICT, renewable energy and healthcare.

The Golden Bridge Award 2012 is a new annual award for the most successful UK businesses exporting to Belgium. Open to both service and manufacturing companies, the awards celebrate the success of UK businesses in the Belgian market, and give British products and services a higher profile at the heart of the EU.

For further information about the Golden Bridge awards, please contact:

Joanna De Keyeser
Business Development Executive
British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11
1000 Brussels
T +32 (0) 2 613 28 53
E Joanna@britcham.be


Or visit:


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