2016 Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal B2B Event

UKTI’s Franco-British Offshore Wind and Tidal event at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Paris has been confirmed for Tuesday 26 January 2016.  The format will be similar to last year; although UKTI are planning to allow more time for the one-to-one meetings with your French prospects.  (That’s why the actual programme is still to be confirmed).  As before, UKTI’s Alan Highet will attend to support East of England delegates, by helping you to get as much benefit as possible out of your participation … 

Register promptly to be profiled in a catalogue of UK participants, that will be sent to all the participating French companies so they can request meetings.  UK companies that have registered in time to feature in the catalogue will receive the equivalent catalogue of French participants, so you can request meetings with them.  

Indeed, if you know already that there are French companies you’d like to meet, let Alan Highet know now at alan.highet@mobile.ukti.gov.uk.  If you don’t know Alan Highet already, he’s UKTI’s lead advisor for Environmental & Energy in the East of England.  It’s likely the companies you’ll want to meet will attend anyway, as this is recognised in France as one of the major OWE events, but just in case they might not have done so already, Alan’s colleagues in Paris will call them to encourage their participation … .  UKTI might not be able to guarantee it, but they’ll do their best to get you that meeting! 

It really is an appropriate time to meet French companies associated with developing their emerging OWE market; the prestigious surroundings of HM Ambassador’s Residence near the Élysée Palace helps to attract important buyers and influencers; and UKTI is collaborating once again with the French renewables industry organisation Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (SER) and others – so you’ll have access to France’s key industry players.  What’s more, UKTI are hoping to arrange a “return” event later in 2016, exclusive to the East of England, inviting French companies who have met East of England companies in Paris to visit our region so they can witness your capabilities at first hand … 

The closing date for registrations that’s on 28 December, for entry in the catalogue that will be sent to French companies so they can request meetings with you.  As that’s in the middle of the Festive Season, and there won’t be time after the New Year to include companies who haven’t already registered, UKTI recommend registering as soon as possible to ensure your inclusion well before Christmas!  The participation fee is £420 that allows representation by two delegates per company.  Last time East of England companies averaged more than 6 meetings per company, and it’s quite common for French companies to agree to a follow-up meeting soon afterwards, while you might still be in Paris!  

SMEs that meet the qualifying criteria can apply for £200 towards travel costs associated with attending this event (also subject to budget availability at the time of your application, so don’t delay!) 

If you register on-line now, please email alan.highet@mobile.ukti.gov.uk, to let him know, so that he can alert his colleagues in Paris and to highlight your participation.  If you want to register but it’s not convenient to do so  on-line right now, you can email alan.highet@mobile.ukti.gov.uk, sending the message – “Yes, please book my place at the British Embassy in Paris, 26 January 2016” – and Alan will let his colleagues know.  You’ll still need to register on-line before the deadline for inclusion in the catalogue, but at least UKTI will have noted your interest and send you reminders if necessary! 

Your commitment to attend and settle the participation fee, via UKTI’s OMIS system (Overseas Market Introduction Service), will follow.  On-line registration is being organised for UKTI by Proximum Group, then UKTI will assist you locally with the OMIS admin.      

The OMIS fee for participation on 26 January is set again at UKTI’s minimum level (£420 + vat) for up to two delegates to attend.  That reflects a significant subsidy against the actual costs of facilitating your series of business meetings.  During the day you’ll also find out what’s up-to-date in the French sector, and there are several networking opportunities to meet others with whom you might not have pre-arranged meetings – particularly over coffee, lunch and between your meetings; and previously there has been an end-of-event reception.  

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