BCC powers up UK exporters

Norfolk Chamber, through its linkage to the British Chambers of Commerce, is pleased to be able to offer Accredited Training Courses covering International Trade from January 2013. 

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is playing a leading role in the Government’s Get Britain Exporting agenda by launching a new National Trade Skills Training programme.

The ‘core 6’ course set will be accredited by the BCC and offered through the Chamber Network as a family of short courses. The courses are individually and collectively relevant to SMEs who wish to improve the skills and competence of their staff.

Candidates achieving Pass or Merit in any of the courses will receive a uniquely numbered certificate in each area. Those who pass all six courses will achieve a nationally recognised Foundation Award in International Trade.

The training programme has been developed after demand from employers for a national skills experience for their staff. By developing a national solution to the exporting skills gap, the BCC is making a vital contribution to helping the government achieve its target of creating 100,000 new exporters.

These courses are suitable for both experienced exporters and those with no previous knowledge of exporting.

The 6 course titles are:

  • Understanding Exports
  • Methods of Payment
  • Export Documentation
  • Incoterms® 2010
  • Letters of Credit
  • Import Procedures

Using the unique international trade experience within the chamber network, the BCC identified these six core, one day courses that businesses need to be able to start exporting. Through a steering group of Chamber experts they developed an accreditation process to give employers confidence that those attending the course have gained relevant and applicable knowledge and that their competence has been assessed and verified enabling them to boost their businesses export drive.

The courses will continue to be delivered by our trusted, accredited trainer Mike Strawson, who has been working with us for many years. Those of you who have attended our courses will know that Mike has an incredible knack of delivering the content in such a crystal clear manner, delegates walk away with a sound understanding of the subject.  Mike has in fact, played an instrumental part in writing the new Accredited Courses for the BCC, and they are very similar to our existing ones. 

For more information on these courses, please see our flyer or contact the International Trade Team on 01603 729712, email export@norfolkchamber.co.uK



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