Electronic AT.Rs now accepted with email address added

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The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) in conjunction with HMRC have negotiated with the Turkish customs authorities for electronic AT.Rs to be accepted with immediate effect.

The Turkish authorities have agreed that the electronic documents will be accepted as long as they can be verified by the Turkish authorities.

In order that the Turkish authorities have the option to verify documents if they wish the exporters's email address needs to be added to Box 1. 

This means that you can now apply for your AT.Rs through the e-zCert online system and they can be processed "Express".  In order to do it by Express you will need to purchase the blank AT.R forms from us. 

For more information on this please contact Julie Austin on julie.austin@norfolkchamber.co.uk or call 01603 729706.   

In the meantime we can process them as standard.    Please be advised that as your signature will be electronic we will require all AT.Rs which are processed through e-zCert to have an email address in Box 1.

Please do not hesitate to contact the International Team on 01603 729706 if you require any more information or assistance.

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