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Review your company’s approach to pro-active international business development”

The Department for International Trade are offering a free review that looks at a company’s approach to pro-active international business development, the tool “Growth Mapper” software will be able to help with this specific review as it is designed to analyse the exporting capabilities perception of a company by its own executives and direct discussions to specific areas. It consists of a short 10-12 minute online questionnaire to each executive that the software will process. In essence it reviews whether everyone in the company is singing from the same hymn sheet and usually leads to a strategic orientated discussion. Specifically designed for companies where at least three staff within the company are involved in international business.

The benefits:

  • Enables your Growth Mapper adviser to quickly establish a picture of your business.
  • Allows you to judge your business’ current readiness for export or export growth.
  • Provides a catalyst for an export strategy focused on profitable growth.
  • Identifies issues in your business that are holding you back.
  • Output report helps identify priority areas of support from DIT and trusted partners.


Get in contact with the Department for International Trade in the East of England today:

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