Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy no longer legalising documents

  • The Saudi Embassy will no longer legalise Certificates of Origin and Invoices - please contact me on email:

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now advised that they will no longer be legalising Certificates of Origins and Invoices.

Commenting on this change, Julie Austin, International Trade Manager for Norfolk Chamber said: 

“Many importers still request that the documents from UK should be legalised by the Saudi Arabian Embassy to secure payments and meet contractual terms.  As such, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce is lobbying the Embassy to try to reverse this decision.  The Embassy have confirmed that they are looking into this matter.

“In the meantime all pending documents are being returned until the issue is resolved, in the meantime the Arab-British Chamber will continue to certify documents only.

“If you have any concerns or would like more information, please contact our international team on 01603 729706 or”

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