Leading Egyptian Sanitary Ware Supplier Looking to Expand in the UK

One of the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce’s respected member companies, Narmer Sanitary Ware, is looking to expand to the UK market. The company has a vast experience in supplying sanitary ware and ceramic tiles for trade and commercial needs  - like bath tubs, sinks, and WC’s – to ceramic tiles and ceramic decor tiles. Narmer started operations in Jabal Ali, Dubai and has since served the entire Middle East Region. Narmer  is selling the available products in the catalogues or is ready to produce private label products for the UK market.

The UK based company is looking to expand its product offering to Europe, and specifically the UK. Narmer is looking for reliable wholesale, contractors or home developers and retail contacts, as well as UK agents with expertise in the sanitary ware industry as well as ceramic tiles to sell into the wholesale and retail markets in the UK.


For further information contact: Taher El Sherif, Secretary-General, The Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce using the methods below.


Tel +44 (0)20 7499 3100

Mobile 0044 (0) 7887722664

BlackBerry 0044 (0) 7553370082

Email taher@theebcc.com


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