UK Government Oil and Gas Strategy

As part of its industrial strategy, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) announced that there will be, initially, 10 sector strategies, of which oil and gas would be one.

The industry’s input is essential as BIS and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) develop this work in partnership with Oil & Gas UK.
Sector strategies will be co-developed and implemented with industry to be durable and will:

  • be long-term in focus: developing a vision for the sector and what needs to happen from both government and business to get there
  • be co-created with industry: committing both business and government to specific actions to maintain and develop long-term capabilities
  • take a whole of government approach: looking across all of government to identify barriers and levers which have the biggest impacts and align these to deliver growth
  • engage across the totality of the sector: working with industry and identifying actions which benefit business across the whole supply chain whether they are large, medium or small

The complete UK Government Oil and Gas Sector Strategy can be found here 

It is believed this will be of interest to stakeholders across the London and East region and the UK Government very much welcomes Industry’s views, particularly through January 2013.

Views can be fed into:

BIS – Tom Worsley –  – 020 7215 6480
DECC – Audrey Banner –  – 01224 254104

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