Is your data working for you?

If you are an SME with a logistics function and feel that your data could be working better for you there are free to access grants available to strengthen your position. 

TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies) targets SMEs with a logistics function – this includes freight transport, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and a wide range of commercial services – TO MAKE YOUR DATA WORK FOR YOU. TALE can help your company to manage its data systems to improve profit margins and reduce costs. We offer a free 1:1 diagnostic session where one of our Business Support Facilitators would come and visit you and get to know everything about your business (your position in the market, future ambitions etc.) and suggest opportunities for support as well as help you shape a project you may already have in mind to improve how you use your data or your use of technology.

TALE offers:
(1) Workshops delivering practical advice on ways to improve your performance, topics include Customer Insights, Cyber Security, Operations, Business Intelligence and Digital Strategy.
(2) Grants to contribute towards your individual company’s data project – for example updating software or launching a new product. TALE grants offers up to £60,000 towards an individual company’s data project – for example hiring a consultant, updating/purchasing software and/or employing someone to do a logistics or data-based role associated with the project you are implementing. Grants aim to assist your company’s growth plans and can contribute 40% of total project cost and are non-repayable.

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