Can you Co.nnect With ‘Em All?

  • Membership Team at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. Photos: Joe Lenton Photography
    Membership Team at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. Photos: Joe Lenton Photography.

Here at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce our mission is to connect, support and give voice to every business in Norfolk. So, who better to make this happen so that businesses in the region can thrive and grow than the Norfolk Chambers Team…

What if you and your business could access a team of people with different skills who together can help your business grow? Here at Norfolk Chambers we have a multi-skilled team of professionals that our members can collaborate with to help connect with other businesses, get business support, and help get their voice heard on important business matters and to promote the key messages of their business.

This is why we have launched a campaign to show you what skills are available to you – and how when we collaborate, Team Norfolk Chambers is a unique force for your business.

Launching with seven members of our Membership Team, each team member has a trading card with a secret superhero name which highlights the key skills that they can offer Norfolk businesses. You can co.nnect with each trading card – and our mission to you is – Can you Co.nnect With ‘Em All?

On the Membership Team are: Lizzy Dring, Business Development Manager (AKA. ‘The Motivator’), Kalene Herrington, Events Manager (AKA ‘The Producer’), Emma Harrowing, Marketing and Communications Manager (AKA ‘The Promoter), Haze Carver, Customer Experience Team (AKA ‘The Zinger’), Andrea Wilson, Customer Experience Team (AKA ‘The Co.nnector), Kirsty Jonas, Customer Experience Team (AKA ‘The Architect’) and Dale Graver, Customer Support (AKA ‘The Supporter).

Over the next few months we will be unlocking the other nine members of Team Norfolk Chambers, to reveal more skills and connections that we can bring to Norfolk businesses.

Together we can help make things happen for businesses like yours. If you need bespoke support for your business – we can provide membership that can be as individual as you are. If you need to increase your customer base – we can connect you to like-minded businesses. If you need to shout about a project/product you have launched – we can amplify your message. If you need exporting advice – we can help you trade globally. If you know what you want to do but don’t know where to start – we can support you through making collaborations.

Each of us have different skills, but when we co.llaborate we are a unique force for your business. Therefore, we can say with confidence:

What you need, is what we do.

Can you Co.nnect With ‘Em All?

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Photographs for our campaign are by our fabulous member Joe Lenton Photography



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