Challenge James Bond Fireball Rally 2018

On Thursday 6th September our CEO Chris Sarigisson and Andy Pitt MD from Service Service, set off for Kent in a bright orange 1968 Ford Mustang known as ‘The Tangerine Dream’ to complete a gruelling 2000 miles in only four days, and without a car radio too! The route has taken them across eight countries, and on some of the most challenging roads to drive on, such as the Furka Pass in Switzerland. The Mustang loves flat and open roads, so would not be the first car you would choose for mountain passes, but this race is all about following in James Bond’s footsteps, so it’s never going to be too safe! This road trip was all part of the ‘Challenge James Bond Fireball Rally.’

Both Andy and Chris as part of this challenge, have been raising money for a charity close to their hearts, Alzheimer’s Society. To read more and give to a great cause, click on the link.

Good luck with the rest of your trip Chris and Andy. See you safely back in Norwich soon!

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