Health and Safety Update for Business

Health and Safety Advice for Small Business

  • Health and Safety Made Simple is a website, developed by the Health and Safety Executive that will help small businesses to get started in managing health and safety, by bringing the basic information they need into one place.

    The site will help businesses save time on managing health and safety by using the streamlined guidance and direct links to supporting material.

  • The health and safety toolbox - how to control risks at work builds on the basics in Health and Safety Made Simple by providing the next level of advice to help businesses understand, manage and control workplace risks with just a few clicks of a mouse.

    It’s the first time that quick, simple guides and interactive tools on how to identify, assess and control common workplace hazards, such as slips and trips and working with electricity and machinery, have been pulled together.

Health and Safety Laboratory

  • The Health and Safety Laboratory is undertaking research to gather evidence and investigate employers, schools / academies and work placement organisers' perceptions of health and safety in relation to young workers (aged 18 and under), particularly for work experience.

    They are very keen to speak to businesses in the service, manufacturing and construction sectors about their views and experiences. This will involve a brief telephone interview to answer some key research questions.

    If you are able to help with this work please contact Jo Bowen on 01298 218460.

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