Health News Roundup

Only one in five eats five a day, poll suggests
Just one in five Britons eats the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a poll for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggests.

Record number of staff spurn sick days
A record number of workers are taking no days off sick, but long-term absences are growing because of rising stress and back pain, according to a new workplace survey.

'Forget BMI, just measure your waist and height' say scientists
People concerned about heart disease and diabetes should simply take their height and waist measurements to figure out their risk, say British researchers

How we start getting fat just three hours after a big meal
Once eaten, fat is stored on the waistline within hours, say scientists - far faster than previously thought.

Steven Gerrard and Jamie Oliver call on PM to fight obesity
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and England footballer Steven Gerrard are calling on the government to fight obesity through cookery teaching in schools.

Dental shake-up needed 'to tackle fraud'
High levels of dental fraud in England prove the system needs overhauling, ministers say.

GP-led musculoskeletal scheme cuts waits and boosts outcomes
A GP-led musculoskeletal service has improved waiting times and outcomes and the model it uses should be widely adopted by GP commissioners, clinicians have said.

Time to end the scandal of our 9-to-5 NHS: 'It's outrageous patients suffer because my colleagues refuse to give up their weekends,' says top A&E doctor
The risk of dying if a patient is admitted to A&E on a Saturday or a Sunday is 9.5% higher compared to the rest of the week, according to a recent study.

Dead donor saved my skin: Gran's ulcers healed by skin graft from dead people
Until the transplant, the 92-year-old had suffered from painful ulcers on her legs for 20 years

Face-to-face consultations by GPs ‘no longer sustainable’
General practice is ‘no longer sustainable' in its current form, with a squeezed workforce, increasingly complex demands and a shifting financial landscape requiring GPs to radically alter way they work, a new report has claimed.

Teenage organ donor saves eight lives
A public schoolgirl who died from a brain haemorrhage aged 13 has saved eight lives by donating her organs.

UK addicted to sleeping pills: Stress-related insomnia on rise since start of the economic crunch
Britain has become a nation of sleeping pill addicts since the start of the economic downturn, figures revealed yesterday.

Facebook and Twitter liked for health
One in three people are now using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for health related issues according to a study by management consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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