Heatrae Sadia announce potential site closure in Norwich

  • Heatrae Sadia have announced the potential closure of their Norwich plant
  • Chris Sargisson: Our thoughts are with those workers and families who jobs are under threat.

Commenting on the yesterday’s announcement of the potential closure of Heatrae Sadia’s Norwich plant, Chris Sargisson, Chief Executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce said:

“Heatrae Sadia have been members of Norfolk Chamber for over six years and the news that they are proposing to close their Norwich plant is extremely saddening as any job losses will impact heavily on those effected, the local economy and region.  Our thoughts are with those workers and families who jobs are under threat.

Our region has a buoyant job market and there will be a number of Heatrae Sadia employees, who may find that their skills and knowledge are transferrable, whilst others may need to consider some re-training so that they can secure good employment in alternative fields.

We will work as always in partnership and collaboration with both the local authorities, the LEP, as well as the local manufacturing groups to identify potential employment opportunities and help provide support to those affected whose jobs may be at risk.

In situations such as this, it is important to remind ourselves that exciting and innovative businesses are both starting up and expanding in our region and we must not lose sight of the excellent opportunities available here in Norfolk. 

Norfolk Chamber will continue to work tirelessly to raise the business profile of Norwich and Norfolk. A great place to live, learn, and work.”

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