High Five Lunch West Norfolk – 05.07.12

After a delicious buffet lunch at Yours Business Networks, Paul Leggett gave an insightful and honest account of the importance of investing in people. As Director of HR & Administration for Cooper Roller Bearings he understands that people are key to any business. Paul discussed the many ways that businesses can invest in people, including less direct ways such as through supporting community projects and charities.

He discussed how some employees only feel valued when they perceive that the investment is directly benefitting them, so it is important to share success with employees through newsletters, appraisals and rewards. He finished by mentioning the importance of apprenticeships and explained how Cooper Roller Bearings have an excellent apprenticeship scheme themselves.

Delegates also had the chance to hear from two ‘Sixty Second Spotlight’ speakers Paul Kunes, MTL and Gérard Spencer, Europeducation. As well as hearing from Carl Woodwards, the event sponsors Lloyds TSB. The event was hosted by Heather Garrod, President, West Norfolk Chamber Council who is passionate about West Norfolk Businesses and agreed with Paul that investment in people is vital.

Photos from the event can be found here

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