Liftshare- Regional Winner of Employer of the Year, British Chamber of Commerce Awards

Founded by Ali Clabburn back in 1998, Liftshare has grown in strength from its early days back in Bristol. Liftshare is a national company now based in Norwich, employing over twenty people. Focused on a sharing economy, and having a positive impact on the environment, Liftshare's heart is certainly in the right place.

As a company Liftshare’s foundations are based on several highly successful fundamentals such as creating new communities, fewer cars on the road, reduction in CO2 emissions, saving money and of course making new friends for your Christmas card list too- that’s a fact!

 A large part of the company's provision is also ‘Liftshare for work,’ which support about 700 businesses nationally to get their staff safely to work, through creating a successful environment for sharing. This offers the wider benefits for each business, their staff, and employers, such as a reduction in parking and demands for parking too, corporate social responsibility, staff’s wellbeing, and financial savings too.

As an employer, Liftshare has a growing staff team, so winning the Regional East of England Employer of Year reflects the Liftshare’s commitment to its own staff. Praised by the BCC Judges for ‘building a culture where staff are 100% committed and happy, which in turn continues to enhance the growth of Liftshare.’  This clearly reflects that Liftshare is on the right tracks.

Selected as the Regional winner of Employer of Year, Liftshare met all the BCC Judges criteria below;

•    Why learning and development is important to the organisation

•    How training needs and skills requirements are assessed

•    Investment, commitment and support given to staff

•    Direct benefit gained by both individuals and the organisation

Liftshare has clearly been working hard to develop as a successful employer. The Norfolk Chamber of Commerce is thrilled for Liftshare winning this award and we wish them well in the next stage of the completion.

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