Norfolk: Future Ready

  • The Norfolk Chambers' business community is sending a strong message that this election cannot and must not be about Brexit alone
  • Huw Sayer: "Trowse Swing Bridge replacement would help unlock clean growth across the East of England"
  • David Armstrong: "State of the art digital infrastructure would help deliver a more efficient and effective service"
  • Michael Baldwin: "We need to demonstrate the huge opportunities available to young people"
  • Sean Clark: "If business wants to stay ahead it must play its role in helping to educate young people"

Ahead of the general election on Thursday 12 December 2019, Norfolk Chambers and our members are calling on the future government to deliver a bold and clear strategy to support economic growth across all regions and nations of the UK.

Health, immigration and crime, as well as avoiding a messy disorderly No Deal Brexit, are all important and relevant issues for business.  However, the Norfolk business community is clear that action is needed on a range of domestic fronts, including improving the competitiveness of the UK’s business environment, upgrading physical and digital infrastructure across the country, and supporting business growth, whilst balancing the need to be sustainable.

The Norfolk Chambers’ business community is sending a strong message that this election cannot, and must not, be about Brexit alone.

We will judge the next government against five key criteria:

  • Infrastructure – revolutionise Norfolk’s physical and digital infrastructure. Ensure that the whole of Norfolk has access to super-fast broadband, better mobile connectivity, and delivering of investment in the strategic schemes such as delivering A47 improvements, the Norwich Western Link and the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing, as well as the replacement of the Trowse Swing Bridge - all of which will unlock the economic potential of the region.
  • Multi-Skilled Future Workforce – to ensure the best business environment possible, there needs to be a relentless drive to improve the skills set of tomorrow’s workforce - without hitting Norfolk firms with ever-higher upfront costs.
  • Trade – support Norfolk exporters to drive economic growth, through overseas trade. Seek to ensure that local businesses continue to benefit from existing EU Free Trade Agreements and target trade deals with new global partners.
  • Sustainability – Norfolk businesses need an energy infrastructure to keep production lines and technology running without interruption of supply.  One of the greatest long term challenges facing the UK is to ensure that our businesses have access to reliable and, more importantly, sustainable sources of power. 
  • Brexit – the scenario of a messy and disorderly No Deal Brexit must be avoided.  Firms across our region need tariff-free trade with continental Europe and minimal friction at borders, along with a stable regulatory framework and equivalence with standards in the EU.  Protect the status of EU nationals in the UK, develop future customs procedures in partnership with business, create a future UK immigration system that is responsive to economic needs and skills shortages at all levels.

Attached is the Norfolk Chambers manifesto - outlining what our members think on the key issues.

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