Norwich Street Aid: The Community's Response To Rough Sleeping

The Norwich Bid would like to invite all Norwich-based businesses to be part of the launch of Norwich Street Aid on Thursday 10 October 2019 at  8:30 am to 10:00 am.

Taking place at The Forum in their Gallery space, they are welcoming businesses to come and hear more about the scheme, network with like-minded organisations and help contribute to positive change in your city centre.

They will be offering free coffees and teas to all who attend, as well as a light breakfast offering. 

What is Norwich Street Aid?
A collaborative approach to tackling rough sleeping in Norwich city centre, Norwich Street Aid is a new, simple way to "Give Help" and "Get Help" in Norwich.

Give Help – Whether it’s offering your time, giving practical items or making a valuable donation – you can help make a difference in Norwich.

Get Help – From a welcoming chat and a warm meal, to medical support and training opportunities, Norwich Street Aid offers a wide range of services to help those rough sleeping in the city.

Made possible through partnership working between Norwich BID, Pathways and the Norfolk Community Foundation, this scheme aims to raise valuable funding and resources for those who rough sleep in in the city.

There are already many hard-working organisations and individuals helping to tackle the issues of rough sleeping and homelessness in the city. Norwich Street Aid is a joint Partnership between those organisations, in a bid to collectively tackle the challenges and concerns faced by those who rough sleep. Working together with a wide range of services and resources, Norwich Street Aid aims to better help people move away from rough sleeping and lead a life free from homelessness.

History of Norwich Street Aid
Norwich Street Aid was the vision of the Norwich Business Improvement District (BID) and a response from the business community who were concerned about the level of people rough sleeping on the city’s streets. Norwich Street Aid is a partnership between Norwich BID, Pathways and the Norfolk Community Foundation. Using the latest contactless technology, contributions can be made towards a central funding pot which will be distributed to the individuals who need it most.

How can businesses support Norwich Street Aid?
Your business can make a donation to Norwich Street Aid, organise fundraising activities, and also engage your employees in spreading the word as a Norwich Street Aid advocate.

You can also show your support for Norwich Street Aid by displaying posters and flyers in your business, or by housing our contactless payment terminal for your customers to make donations to the project! Please get in touch to discuss how you and your business can support the scheme.

We hope that you and your business can also show your support to the project by joining the Norwich Bid for their launch event.

If you have any further questions or requirements for you and your staff to attend, please contact Aidan Lewis at

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