Run Brussels for a day

On 18th October 2012, more than 800 business men and women from all over Europe will get the chance to take over the European Parliament hemicycle for an afternoon. Those taking part will debate and vote on issues that affect the day to day running of their business and the environment in which they operate.

The event will be opened by Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the Commission and Martin Schultz, President of the European Parliament. The afternoon will be devoted to a discussion around what government and business can do to boost growth in Europe after which, key Commissioners and MEPs will be asked to respond. A series of practical recommendations will then be voted on by the members and given to the press and EU leaders meeting in Brussels the next day.

The British Chambers of Commerce has been allocated 73 seats in the hemicycle, in line with the number of MEPs that represent the UK in the European Parliament. These will be allocated to businesses on a first come first served basis and online registration will be available in June. If you are interested please let know.

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