We do. Would you?

That’s the question Norfolk Chamber of Commerce is asking. Always committed to stimulating debate the Chamber is asking you if the Norfolk brand is a help or a hindrance when it comes to marketing.

Famously, Aviva scrapped its 200 year old trading name of Norwich Union with the objective of growing the brand, and helping it to compete on a global scale. The strategy was that ‘Aviva’ would appeal to an international market more than Norwich Union.

By the same token, Bernard Matthews have proudly trumpeted Norfolk as the very essence of a successful brand. Being branded ‘Colman’s of Norwich’ has kept people as keen as mustard in that international organisation’s products. But then, whilst Start-Rite have not put a foot wrong in their marketing, they’ve never added Norfolk to the branding.

Now comes the exciting news that Hoseasons have commissioned a £1 million TV advertising campaign to promote their 28,000 places to stay across the UK & Europe, and it features entirely Norfolk scenes.

Simon Altham, Managing Director of Hoseasons describes the commercial as a “marvellous showcase for Norfolk’s tourism offering”.

Hear his views on how the Norfolk brand has given Hoseasons a competitive advantage at the Great Yarmouth Business Breakfast.

Caroline Williams, Chief executive of the Norfolk Chamber said “Businesses need to understand that using the ‘Norfolk brand’ can enhance their offer. It’s a point of difference, and separates them from the generic nationals. It can make their offering entirely unique. We’ve put Norfolk at the heart of what we do. We’re the Norfolk Chamber and proud of it!” Join the debate.

Join us at - Great Yarmouth Business Breakfast. ‘Norfolk Branding – a positive or negative message?’

Thursday 2 May 2013. 7.30am to 9.30am

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