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We’re thrilled to become a part of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce – not only are we proudly locally based but we also share the vision of the CoC in inspiring others to improve business performance.

Small business owners of course already know that to stay ahead of the game, spearhead innovation, grow and increase profitability, then you must continually improve your business. Nationally, small businesses also know that staying in good shape is vital – Britain’s 5.5 million SMEs contributed £1.8 trillion to the economy during 2016.

When you set up your business, it’s likely you had a really clear set of objectives: business plan, start-up finance, marketing, premises etc. But when you’ve been trading a year or two and got used to the day-to-day expectations of running your business, you may realise that those initial goals aren’t quite in step with the way you operate now. If you’re involved in the everyday activities your enterprise requires, it can be really tough to find time to stop and work out where you should focus your energies to look for areas where you might improve.

These concerns were at the heart of our thinking when we formulated CneqtDNA – it’s a business diagnostic that helps you make the most of your business. It’s also reassuringly simple to use and takes no longer than 20 minutes out of your day, so you can continue to focus on the other vital tasks on your plate.

Designed by business consultants specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, the CneqtDNA diagnostic uses a carefully crafted question set to highlight areas in which your business could improve. When creating CneqtDNA, our team of business experts focused on the idea of breaking down business activity into the various aspects of running a business from finance and premises to marketing and future vision.

After completing the CneqtDNA diagnostic, you will receive a personal assessment providing you with an overview of every aspect of your business so you can easily see where you could make improvements. In addition, you have the option to take a FREE 15-minute coaching session with an expert to discuss your assessment, identify the vital improvements you could make and formulate further action plans.

We’re really looking forward to working with other members of the Chamber, helping to put in place business improvements that will benefit the local, regional and national economies. We’ve come up with an exclusive offer for the Norfolk CoC, offering specially priced access to CneqtDNA for CoC members. Following the link below and using the discount code “NORFOLKCOC75”, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce members will get £24 off the standard price (all prices plus VAT).

Like the CoC we are passionate about business improvement. Take the first step today to improve your business by completing the CneqtDNA Diagnostic https://www.cneqtdna.com/start-my-business-review

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