Westfield Health news alerts – w/c July 9

A round-up of health news this week

Seaweed bacteria may prevent tooth decay
Scientists claim the use of microbes found on seaweed to see more effective results in the fight against tooth decay rather than any of the branded toothpastes.

Hospitals accused of creating 'a two-tier' health system after accepting payments for treatments available on the NHS
Hospitals have been accused of allowing wealthy patients to ‘jump the queue’ after it emerged some are charging patients for treatments available on the NHS.

Cuts could leave doctors with old equipment
Financial constraints on the NHS could lead to doctors operating on patients with outdated equipment, surgeons have warned.

Does it pay to eat organic? 'Natural' tomatoes are packed with more disease-fighting antioxidants, claim scientists
It's an argument that continues to exercise consumers and growers across the UK - organic produce may be good for the environment, but is it any better for your health?

Stomach bugs to rise during Olympics: scientists
Stomach bugs and chest infections are expected to rise in London during the Olympics as visitors flock to the Capital, government scientists have said. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9373406/Stomach-bugs-to-ris...

More genetic links to osteoarthritis uncovered
Scientists have discovered another eight pieces of genetic code linked to osteoarthritis, bringing the total number to 11.

GPs see rising sick note requests from patients on back-to-work scheme
The GPC has complained to the Government over its drive to reassess everyone on incapacity benefit, as practices face rising numbers of patients requesting sick notes while their cases are reviewed.

NHS charging and rationing 'may be needed'
More rationing of care and charging for services in the NHS need to be considered as it faces at least a decade of austerity, experts say.

Patients can demand a private hospital if they wait 18 weeks for surgery
People will be able to demand they are treated privately if they have to wait more than 18 weeks for NHS care, the Health Secretary will announce. 

Plans to extend GP opening in Wales could drive up NHS costs
NHS costs in Wales could soar if ministers press ahead with plans to divert existing enhanced services funding to pay for extended practice opening hours, GP leaders have warned. 

Dentists must clarify dental treatment options
Dentists are being urged to provide accurate information to patients regarding proposed treatment.

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