Workshops At Chamber Event Can Give A Real Business Edge

Norfolk Chamber’s ‘Opportunities 2013’ event on 14 March at Norwich City Football Club is the perfect place to boost your business skills and knowledge, because the event will feature a series of three, free 40-minute topical and interactive workshops designed to give a real competitive business edge.

The first workshop is entitled: ‘Networking so easy anyone can do it’, delivered by Mark Rhodes, of Rhodes2success. Mark will explain how many people attend networking events but very few get anything out of it. The reason for this is that they don’t understand what networking is really about, and they don’t have a clear strategy for networking or the skills to enable them to get results from their networking.

Mike Jones, of Modello, will deliver a workshop called: ‘Broadband: it’s more than just speed’. BT Business will be hosting this workshop to complement their exhibition presence and will use the session to explain how small to medium sized businesses in the UK are driving further cost savings, improving efficiency and keeping ahead of the competition, by grasping the full potential from broadband services. 

Lastly, David Tillyer, from 101 Smart Ltd, will give a workshop called: ‘How to get results for email marketing’. This workshop will focus on explaining how to use email marketing to its full potential and improve your business.

Caroline Williams, CEO of Norfolk Chamber, said: “In business we need to continue to learn and broaden our skills; to keep up to date with the latest technology and methods of communication. These workshops are designed to be bang up to date and to help businesses to really gain an advantage and enhance their offering.”

‘Opportunities 2013’, which is free to attend, also includes a Meet the Buyer event called Open4business, where suppliers will have the opportunity to pitch to key private and public sector buyers at pre-booked, 10-minute, one-to-one meetings. This year there are more buyers than ever before, with more than 35 signed up for the event. They include a wide range of councils and colleges, Kinnerton, Adnams, Perenco, Norwich City Football Club and many others.

The ‘Opportunities 2013’ event also features Norfolk’s largest business exhibition, where suppliers from around the region can promote their products and services. The exhibition is divided into six themed business zones designed to help you grow your business and find the areas which are of most interest. They are Enterprise, Advice & Finance, Hospitality & Leisure, Technology, Promotion & Marketing and HR & Training.

For the first time, the event will feature a Networking United event that will bring together a range of Norfolk networking groups under one roof, with the aim of making those vital connections.

To sign up for the workshops, or to find out more about ‘Opportunities 2013’, go here

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