30th May Free SEO & digital marketing training in Norwich

The 30th of May sees you final chance to attend the renowned free SEO & digital markting training from Norwich based digital marketing consultancy Yodelay.com.

The training provides a high intensity journey through the fundanmentals of SEO and digital marketing, aimed at business owners and marketing professionals the course content is a tool box of actionable tactics and strategies. 

Each attendee will leave the event understanding how relevance and authority is measured online and how these concepts permeate SEO & digital marketing. By the end of the day you will have a whole series of takeaways which you can implement in your own business. 

The Yodelay style of training focuses on providing actionable information explained in straight forward launguage with zero fluff.

Included in the course are actionable social media tips covering the important Linkedin B2B network and the importance of Google+ with an explanation of author rank , what it means and its impact on SEO. 

We conclude the day with a look at what you can expect in the next twelve months from SEO & digital marketing. 

To book your free place simply click on this link 

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