The Arts are excelling at East Norfolk Sixth Form College

East Norfolk Sixth Form College continues to buck the trend with its curriculum offer by offering the widest range of art subjects on the East Coast including A-Level 3D Design, Textiles and Fashion, Photography, Fine Art and Graphics.

This is impressive in the face of many schools, locally and nationally, reducing the number of hours and staff that are teaching art subjects (DfE 2019).

The benefits of studying art subjects for students are numerous as these A-Levels can be complimented with other subjects and can be continued on to an Art Foundation Diploma (Level 4 qualification).

Dr Catherine Richards, Principal at EN highlights the importance of art subjects for helping students to problem solve and encourage creativity: “Our students can combine the Arts with other subjects as part of our unique curriculum offer. This enables them to develop their thinking about study after college in more specialist areas such as industrial design or architecture when they choose combinations such as Physics, Mathematics and Engineering with Graphics or 3D Design.”

The benefits of combining arts with other subjects are also supported by research that was carried out by the Arts Council England (2019) which suggests that the Arts lead to higher levels of wellbeing and happiness of young people.

EN Deputy Principal, Dr Simon Fox, said: “With over half of our students studying at least one creative subject, East Norfolk is helping inspire the next generation of creative leaders. Roles in the creative industries are very sought after and these skills not only benefit our young people but also our wider economy and community.”

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