ASAMS celebrates 30th Anniversary

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    ASAMS 30 years logo
  • Tomas Whiskin and Andrew Page, ASAMS Directors
    Thomas Whiskin & Andrew Page, Directors of ASAMS

Metals Testing Company celebrates 30th Anniversary.


The Directors and Staff at ASAMS in Great Yarmouth are proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their independent metal testing business in 2019.


A look back at some key events

Interesting details and photographs from the company archive are shown here

Over the years the company has continued a programme of investment and updating, both in terms of equipment and people, to raise standards and improve efficiency. “The 100 hour weeks are no more”, says Andrew Page who was a Test Technician back in 1989 and is now a Director.

This has resulted in the bright, modern lab and offices that the team and their clients experience today.


Highs and lows

One of the highlights from recent times was in 2017 when, having worked in the business for 8 years, Thomas Whiskin BSc MSc CEng MIMMM MWeldI, became a Director and Shareholder in the business. Thomas said at the time “I am excited to help grow the company, deliver excellent customer service and create opportunities for more high skilled jobs”.  

A low point for the company was in 2005 when a member of the machine shop staff used a fork lift trick to accidentally lift a section of the roof off of the machine shop. Another was in 2018 when strong winds blew the roof off the Marine Building in Great Yarmouth. However taking a typically calm approach, part of the business was relocated into a temporary building in the car park whilst repairs were completed and in true ASAMS style they managed this with no visible disruption to client service. ASAMS appears to have problem keeping the roof in place! 


The future

Whilst celebrating 30 years with a series of events during 2019, the Directors are confident that the business is well positioned for continued success in the future. This includes having a clear vision to be the first choice for quality, personal service, speed and accuracy in metals testing a focused business plan which includes further expansion into the Aberdeen area, a people plan and a strong set of values:

  • Focus on excellence, quality and teamwork in all that we do
  • Passionate about delivering professional customer service
  • We strive for accuracy, accountability and confidentiality
  • A friendly, transparent, honest approach that builds trust and long term relationships


Indeed the Directors and Staff are pleased to promote that they can achieve in 2 days what it takes competitors two weeks to achieve – that’s Amazing Customer Service! 


Please see for more information about ASAMS Ltd and the metal testing services including:

  1. Mechanical Testing
  2. Weld Certification
  3. Failure Analysis and Metallurgical Consultancy
  4. Metallography
  5. Corrosion tests
  6. Chemical analysis
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