The Barefoot Entrepreneur gets fruity!

It’s not very often that the Barefoot Entrepreneur is approached with something that he would usually tip-toe around, but Nick Dinnen, Founder of Fruity Cuties, brought him a challenge. Fruity Cuties is a character-led entertainments brand with American teenage girls its largest audience – not an audience that Robert and Nick have in common. However, with the Kingdom of Characters being exhibited at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, it’s clear that the genre is growing in popularity.

A freelance designer and illustrator, Nick started facing barriers that were stopping him from progressing with Fruity Cuties in the way he wanted. He bought and read Robert’s ‘The Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists' and got in touch by email for more specific advice commenting that, “The book has been a great help in getting my mind into more of a business mindset.”

When the consultancy session was over, Robert summarised everything they’d discussed in a single email for Nick to process. “Straight away I can see how a couple of your recommendations could work with some of the things I have been planning but would actually work better with your recommendations than what I had previously in mind,” said Nick.

Nick is now much more focused on where he wants to go and how he’s going to get there. He’s also gained some handy contacts that will help him along the way.

For more information about how Robert can help you get your business back on track, visit his website You can follow him on twitter - @RobertAshton1

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