Beating the fraudsters

Short film about business fraud

Did you know the cost of fraud in the UK is estimated to be a staggering £190 billion (Annual Fraud Indicator 2017) every year? That’s more than the Government spends on the health and defence budgets combined. The criminals committing these offences aren’t always obvious. They won’t be sitting on a big chair stroking a cat like a Bond villain. They could even appear to you as someone you know or a company you are doing business with, but it won’t be that person or company. Their aim is to get you to divert a legitimate transaction over to them by simply tricking you into believing you are doing your job. They may contact you and say you need to amend your bank details they are holding for you. The request may appear to be genuine but you need to check if it is. The Metropolitan Police have recently released a short video promoting some of the fraud prevention techniques available to combat payment fraud. The techniques don't require sophisticated computer software or expensive equipment - just that you take a minute to think about things when a change request is made, or you have received a request for a payment. Often a simple phone call to the organisation or person using a number you know to be correct is all it takes to prevent the fraud.


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