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With National Apprenticeship Week 2020 now well underway, quite naturally the spotlight is on the Apprentice.  However, here at Swarm Apprenticeships I thought I would let you in on how a great apprentice is discovered?
Point in question. Take a look at the blog authored by Dale Graver, regarding the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2020 on the Norfolk Chambers website. What a great start to his journey. I think you will agree, he has every chance of making a successful member of a great team and apprentice. He is just one of our great discoveries, and it just didn’t happen by chance!
We are absolutely delighted that the Chamber loves him, and of course (I would hope) our processes in discovering him!
Discovering apprentices is a three-way process and my job is about really listening to our applicants and our employers and matching experience, work culture and ethics, to create enterprising, compassionate and purposeful apprentices who will give positive impact in the businesses they work for and in return demonstrate a good double/triple bottom line return on investment.
It’s not rocket science, just good genuine interest and desire to create great relationships. Every candidate that applies for a position with us, will receive a personal response, usually within a couple of days.  Assistance is always on hand if anyone needs a bit of help or advice.  When an apprentice is appointed, they immediately become part of our family, as does the employer, and the journey begins to greater things. Going that extra mile is standard practice.
Our amazing apprentices are then made even more amazing with our phenomenal tutors.  Over to you Phil!

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