Beyond Corona - Apprentices are here to stay...and more important than ever!

During the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis it is important apprentices are kept informed and not kept in the dark. Apprentices are part of our future, bringing fresh innovative ideas to businesses across the UK and beyond. 

To ensure this does not happen the Government is providing a package of support. This will help employers retain and support their staff including apprentices.

Please visit our website to find out how you can support apprentices during the COVID-19 crisis.

How we are supporting you and your apprentices

Learning and enrolments are now being undertaken remotely in order to support our wonderful apprentices, learners and employers. We will also be conducting face-to-face online appointments and online training and support

We are open and available and will remain in continuous discussions with employers, who are fully supportive of our response and want to keep business as usual for our learners as far as possible.

We thank our employers for their support at this time.

Our aim remains to deliver high-quality training and to ensure that our learners are not disadvantaged and are able to continue their studies in these challenging times. 

You can contact Steadfast Training Ltd on for any further information, or contact your Trainer or Account Manager directly  


Keep Kind and Keep Safe

Remember all the Government advice during the current situation.



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