Business Owners: Achieve Piece of Mind in YOUR workplace with NFC Tracking

NFC tracking can assure businesses with the ‘what, where and when’ in a number of scenarios. It’s the obvious choice for companies needing to get the bigger picture on staff check-ins, inventory whereabouts and many more real-life work scenarios.  

Any system that lets you in on a real reflection of what is happening within your business will reward you handsomely in saved staff expenses and wasted man hours. In order to thrive in troubled times, anything that helps to identify areas for improvement is worth a closer look.

So what’s NFC all about and how can it tell you what you need to know, when you’re nowhere near your business?

NFC can be simply explained and you’ll have seen it work most likely in your local supermarket with the barcode system.

Think of NFC (Near Field Communication) as a programmable, tiny chip that talks to your phone.  Put your phone (or any phone) over the chip and the phone will carry out the action it has been programmed to do.

This means an app on the software developers phone tells the chip to what you want it  do – store information, open a programme, access some software etc. Whenever this NFC chip, and the user’s phone come in contact, the chip carries out that action.

With NFC tracking, the software is set to record the details of every check in. Reports can be gathered giving information on individual worker’s activities. You can find who has competed what activities, the time of the round, the routes, the actions and so much more besides.

NFC tracking gives you the 360 degree view you need to get the complete picture on all activities and more accurate information equals better control. 

It can help:

• highlight problem areas and help plan a more streamlined approach
• see actions in real time
• breakdown individual activities
• gather data for a range of reports

NFC is the emerging big brother of QR codes and set to grow. Why’s it so simple? Why does it make such sound business sense?

From your workers’ point of view it is simplicity.  No more time sheets.  It’s a paperless system, recording to a remote database. Wherever they are, and whenever they check in, the information is stored ready for an approved administrator to access. Any system that cuts down on effort and energy and merely requires a ‘tap’ has the mobile user’s vote.

And for you – the business owner? No more wasted £’s paying staff who don’t attend. Reports you can send your client as proof of attendance. It makes the checking in and out of venues, areas, people and articles a breeze.

Got something you need to track? NFC is the solution.

To see how NFC tracking can work for your business please view our NFC section here

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