Business Vitality Health Checks

Adept Supply Chain Solutions are pleased to offer a free no obligation 'Business Vitality Health Check'.

Our 'starter-for-ten' document generates an overview of your business's current status and our criteria differs according to the market sector your business operates in. Adept's takeaway from the business review is an understanding of your business goals and objectives and an overview of your key operating processes. From this, we then generate a scope of work and quotation. Our solutions are bespoke to you and we adopt the most appropriate problem-solving tools and implement effective counter-measures to improve levels of productivity and profitability.

We don't compile glossy reports and then leave you to sort the issues for yourself!

Instead, we have a ‘learn by doing’ approach. We go straight to the coalface and start implementing measurable improvements immediately, primarily focusing on Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) metrics. However, our approach is structured and some of our tools such as a Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP) and improvement Project Charters are generic to every improvement activity that we undertake, regardless of the business type.

We focus on all aspects of your value-chain(s) to ensure alignment of products, processes and people to your strategic plan and that all processes are efficient as possible. 

The key to success is ensuring that everyone understands their place and contribution as an internal supplier and/or customer!

For more information contact Steve Grace at or 07890 657047


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