Calling all those on Kickstart placements - get discounted travel from Beryl

  • Beryl Kickstart Travel Offer
    Beryl Kickstart Travel Offer

Beryl prides themselves on changing the way cities move, by providing sustainable travel in the form of bikes and scooters (electric and manual). The business has recently taken part in the Kickstart scheme, which helps young people get valuable experience in the workplace, and now they have launched an exclusive offer for any young person taking part in the Kickstart scheme. 

"Any young person on the Kickstart scheme can take advantage of a half-price bundle for the duration of their Kickstart placement (six months max)," says Phil Barrett, Community Engagement and Events Lead for Beryl. 

"This means they can get 400 Beryl minutes for just £10. We hope that this will help all Kickstarters with their travel costs."

Beryl has partnered with Norfolk County Council on the scheme, which is a great way for young people who may not have access to transport, to travel actively and sustainably.

Find out more about the scheme here.

You can also download more information below.



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