Comms Supply launch 30 day contract terms

With Comms Supply parent company now just over 2 years old now, neither company has had one customer move away from them for any reason, we have decided to launch 30 day contracts for any new contracts across our fixed line, calls and broadband products. We believe our customers have shown us that we have the right solution, the right customer service and they believe we are the right company to provide the services to them, so why do we need to ask customers to sign 3 year contracts………..??

We have already been offering price guarantee as we believe in our own offering, but it’s also a very good sales tool for us, so everyone wins.

But now, with all contracts based on 30 days, we have no choice but to keep the excellent customer service up as there is now no hiding place for us.

To change suppliers to us, takes around 10 days and we won’t guess how much we can save you, we will take a look at your bill, if we can save you money and provide a better service, then you’re happy and so are we….

If you would like to have a review whether its price or service your concerned with, give us a call and you will see from the above, we will be honest.

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