Consultancy of the Year - TELCA Awards 2016

The sun is trying its best to shine in London, on a rather chilly evening in June, as myself and 5 colleagues optimistically stroll the short distance from our hotel to the awards venue.  We’ve been shortlisted for 4 out of the 12 awards at the 2016 TELCA awards (the Energy Oscars) and we are running on 45% nerves, 25% excitement, 25% pride and about 5% Dutch courage, courtesy of the hotel bar.

Last year we were over the moon to win the Most Trusted and Best Small Consultancy awards and realised that this year we were up against tougher competition in 4 highly contested categories –

Unsung Hero – Andy Kindleysides – our Innovation Engineer
Business Person of the Year – Emily Groves – our MD
Most Trusted Consultancy
Consultancy of the Year


And the winner is…

Sumit Bose, Editor of Energy Live News and compère, had barely got the awards ceremony into full swing when a video camera swooped in on our table.  It was the announcement of the Unsung Hero award and the winner is…… putting composure to one side, our table erupted on hearing Andy’s name and he made his way through the sea of hugs, applause and congratulations towards the stage.

The client who nominated Andy stated – “I’m delighted you are entering Andy for this award; in my honest opinion he deserves an OBE for his commitment, positive attitude and diligence.”


Consultancy of the Year

The ceremony progressed and we missed out on 2 categories, leading us to the penultimate award of the evening, our sweaty palms clapping all the entrants, and the winner is….. I can honestly say hearing our name being read out is one of the best moments of my working life.  The past 7 years have been full of sweat, tears and plenty of hard work from all of us, making Indigo Swan what it is today, and being recognised for it is fantastic.


How do we feel?

“I have never been prouder of a company I have worked for and to be recognised as one of the best within our industry is a testament to all the hours of hard work that have been put in and confirmation that we are doing things in the right way.” James G

“We really care about what we do and it’s wonderful to be recognised for it.” Hannah

“Each Swan brings their own skills and strengths to the team and when you mix them all together you create an amazing award winning company.” Leanne


Why us?

Indigo Swan is a mix of tangible elements, that are relatively easy to replicate (a simple, transparent client report, complex but clear processes and a unique client portal), and also a great deal of intangible aspects that are unique to us.  We live and breathe our values, every one of our colleagues 100% believes in our journey & we fully embrace innovation.

We are lucky that these intangible elements came right from the very core of why we started, which means they are naturally reinforced every day and shot through every activity we do.  They are in our DNA, which isn’t easy to replicate. That’s the magic.


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