Cooper Lomaz Recruitment Launch for the moon in 2019

  • Cooper Lomaz Recruitment Launch for the moon in 2019

Where were you on Friday 1st February?


This is a question Cooper Lomaz Recruitment want to look back and ask in years to come.  The reason?  Friday 1st February 2019 saw the launch of an exciting new business engagement and change programme.  This 12 month project which will see an overhaul of the company vision, values, brand and engagement strategy is the next exciting phase of Cooper Lomaz Recruitment’s recent evolution. 


Creatively named the Apollo project, this is based on the ambition famously shown by JFK in 1961 when he committed that Americans would land on the moon by the end of the decade. A project which acknowledged the sheer size of the task, the work and commitment needed to stay the course no-matter what the obstacle to achieve such an ambition.  This is something which resonated with Cooper Lomaz Recruitment and the company’s ambitions for the future.  


Under the mantra of  ‘Great people do Great things’, Cooper Lomaz Recruitment have targeted a range of internal and external projects which are all allocated an Apollo mission number.  Whether it be the re-design of the Norwich office to provide a more productive work environment, or the launch of a 12 month employee Health and Well-being Programme which was the basis for the already launched Apollo, these projects will see the company change its business model and offering. 


Next on the list is a change to the company’s internal recruitment process as the target for staff growth begins in earnest.  The basis for Apollo 2 is in a crowded recruitment agency market, an arguably vanilla business world, how does the business stand out as an employer of choice?  Watch this space to see how Cooper Lomaz Recruitment look to demonstrate this to the market.


Other Apollo projects currently preparing for launch during 2019 see a review and tweak to the company’s brand for the first time in a number of years, along with the launch of a new website which is designed to improve transparency and information for the local market to benefit from. 


2018 was a year of expansion with new teams created and new offices opened for Cooper Lomaz.  2019 sees a significant growth and change management programme in place over the coming 12 months.  Coming into its 30th year, Cooper Lomaz Recruitment aim to stand out as pioneers of specialist recruitment in the East of England, something we believe is fantastically exciting.


2019 is going to be a great year for Cooper Lomaz Recruitment.  Will it be a great year for you?


If you would like to know more about our plans and how you can become a CLR Astronaut please contact –


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