Cozens-Hardy announces new Court of Protection team

  • Cozens-Hardy Court of Protection Team
    Cozens-Hardy Court of Protection Team

Cozens-Hardy has set up a dedicated Court of Protection team.

Headed up by partner Damian Short (head of the firm’s litigation department) with private client lawyer, Paige George, this new team will guide clients through the tricky process of applying for a Deputyship Order at what is often a stressful and emotional time.

A Deputyship Order is needed when an individual lacks the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and a Lasting Power of Attorney isn’t already in place. An application for a Deputyship Order is made to the Court of Protection for a trusted individual to be appointed as that person’s Deputy, in order to deal with his/her property and financial affairs or health and welfare. For example, if a relative goes into care and their care bill needs paying or perhaps their property needs to be sold in order to fund their future care fees, a property and financial affairs Deputy would be able to deal with all of this on the person’s behalf.

Damian Short currently acts as a professional Deputy for some of the firm’s clients; he also applies for Court of Protection Orders on behalf of Deputies and Attorneys to allow them to take steps that their authority would not normally permit them to do, for instance preparation of Wills (Deputies) and tax management (Attorneys).


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