Customer equipment requests invited by bolting specialist

Bolting specialist Gee-Force Hydraulics is opening its doors for a customer awareness week to showcase its expanding equipment range of portable products for offshore and manufacturing engineering.

It is inviting its clients and potential clients to its Great Yarmouth headquarters in the week beginning Monday 23 July when expo vans from manufacturers HTL and Climax will be on site.

The company, which marked a record £1m turnover last year and is on course to break that record this year, wants businesses to feed back on what equipment they would like to see on its Beacon Park shelves.

Managing Director Graeme Cook said including the portable range from Climax, which includes pipeline repairs, re-facing flange facers, and pipe preparation, was in response to customer demand.

“We will be the only company having these portable machines here," he said. "We will be carrying stock on our shelves in Great Yarmouth, which will take out excessive carriage charges for customers. We already have some out on hire now.

“There is much demand for this portable machine – for manufacturing, offshore work, including flange facing and use at the Bacton gas terminal by different companies.”

The equipment has been used by Gee-Force customers working as contractors on the Spirit Energy offshore project at Morecambe Bay and also at Bacton Gas Terminal.

“We’re expanding our shelving to accommodate the pneumatic or hydraulic flange facers, pipe bevellers and clam shell cutters. We would like to hear from the market place about any other equipment our clients and potential customers would like on our shelves for hire and purchase.

Gee-Force Hydraulics was acquired by its rental and training partner, the national HTL group, bringing an even larger product base for its increasing customers, while maintaining its Gee-Force Hydraulics identity.

Business, especially deliveries of equipment to the Bacton Gas Terminal, has been brisk.

“We are very happy with business in the first six months this year," said Mr Cook. "If we can maintain this level of growth, our turnover will be another record for us this year in terms of turnover and profit.”

Another innovation is the i-calibrate software on all its torque wrench equipment – manual, hydraulic and pneumatic. Certification and calibration information about each piece of equipment is revealed by hovering a smart phone over the QR code on each piece of equipment.

To take part in the customer awareness week, contact Gee-Force Hydraulics on 01493 603797.


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