A Day All About Me? Don't Mind If I Do!

A day all about me? Don’t mind if I do!

Haze Carver: As a member of the Customer Experience Team, I often find myself driving around the Norfolk countryside visiting both potential and existing members for conversations and support – it’s one of the reasons I love my job!

Kate Pigeon-Owen, Manager and Wellbeing Consultant and Sarah Bush, Events Organiser are incredible women running a wonderful company Wellbeing International Ltd who deliver wellbeing on a personal and corporate level. Based in Gissing, they are an international company with clients both in the UK and worldwide.

Their collective vision is to reduce stress within the workplace, by looking after organisations top resource – its staff.

Following this positive meeting in sunny Gissing, Kate invited myself and my colleague Julie to come along to their first ‘Nutritional Health and Feeling Great’ day retreat at Diss by Verve (formerly Scholes Inn) in Norfolk.

I was thrilled to be invited, and was really keen to learn more on how what we eat and drink impacts our overall health, wellbeing, sleep and energy levels and image. As a full-time working (menopausal) parent, these are issues I deal with daily.

The venue, Diss by Verve is a beautiful historic coaching Inn, and the atmosphere was calm and peaceful and we immediately felt at home with the other guests.

Throughout the day, we met an energetic, witty fashion consultant on colours and style, we tried some delicious Raw food (spinach and mango, my new favourite) and were introduced to dehydrated nuts! Wow!

Sarah talked us though her incredible journey of weight loss and the benefits she has discovered on the Keto Diet.

My favourite part of the day was a fascinating questionnaire that uncovered our history with food and how our upbringing can have an impact on our eating habits, I found it an incredibly insightful day, and met some interesting women too. It ended perfectly with a relaxing mindfulness session. 

The workshops and services on offer with Wellbeing International cover a wide range of areas;

10% More Energy Workshops
Teambuilding/motivational days
Communication skills
Industry specific days i.e. for lawyers, accountants
Sleep Workshops  – how to wake up refreshed
Menopause Workshops
Confidential 1:1 stress management sessions
Retreats – for both the corporate and private sector

It was a fun, informative day, and our enormous thanks go to Kate and Sarah for letting us join them.

If you are interested in attending one of Kate’s Day Retreats, the next upcoming event is A Day For Me! is Sunday September 15th at Abbey Hall, Eye, Suffolk – book before September 1st for the early bird discount  

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