Demonstrating Your Social Impact

After two years of development and a rigorous period of testing the Social Impact Measurement Toolbox from The Guild Social Economy Services CIC is now in production and available. 

Aimed at small to medium sized organisations, this 'consultant in a box' takes into account your starting point and the extent of changes that might occur, shows how to provide the most useful/robust information to those who need it and makes the most of what you already do.  It also prepares you to do more, ending with an Action Plan for you to put in place to measure the social impact of the work that you do.

What you can expect from the Toolbox:

  • Six carefully designed sections that help you and your organisation think about social impact measurement, with the option to start at the beginning and work your way through all the materials or begin where it is appropriate for you.
  • Help to build a robust impact measurement plan from the foundations upward, rather than jumping in with a complex tool or framework from the start.  (Our Guide to Getting Started in Social Impact Measurement can help you select which well-known tools and approaches suit you best - but that's the next stage once you've laid the foundations!)
  • The opportunity to identify and deal with any gaps or to check if you are collecting information you don't currently use.
  • Development of your organisation's approach to social impact measurement - but at the same time build your team's communication, skills and knowledge around impact measurement too.

I am really impressed with the Toolbox which appears simple to use and clear to understand”  Louise Forey, Community Development Officer – Severn Vale Housing Society

Each Toolbox costs £120.00 plus carriage, packing and VAT.  Further information and details of how to place an order can be found on the Social Impact Measurement page of The Guild website or call us on 01603 482220.

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