Desire Marketing expands its hospitality-marketing contract with prestigious estate in Lincolnshire.

  • photo of Kenwick Park
    Kenwick Park, Louth Lincolnshire

Norwich based Desire Marketing has recently increased the marketing activity at the Kenwick Park Estate in Louth, Lincolnshire following the success of its wedding service.

The team at Desire Marketing commenced marketing at Kenwick Park estate during 2016 with very specific social media advertising campaigns to increase the number of weddings at the estate. The campaigns only focused on people who were engaged, meaning the adverts always reached the right audience.

With more weddings being booked, Kenwick Park has now engaged Desire Marketing to promote their spa and luxury lodge breaks.

The agency is winning contracts across the UK as news of its successful hospitality promotions spreads. Jonathan White, Desire Marketing’s MD said ”We are a full-service marketing agency with a passion for helping hotels and the hospitality industry. We only deal in measurable, deliverable results. Whether clients are looking to increase occupancy, covers or celebration events, our expertise can really make the difference. Using our unique products, we are able to act as an extension of our clients’ hotels, making sure they succeed in this very competitive marketplace.”


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