Do you trade with the EU? If there’s no deal, you must have an EORI number

  • No deal? Get an EORI number
    No deal? Get an EORI number
  • No deal? Get an EORI number
    No deal? Get an EORI number

In our work here at ImportExportSupport, it's clear that not every business knows that, in the event of no-deal with the EU on March 29th, for all movements into and out of the EU they will need to have an EORI number. They will also need to submit customs import and export entries. Here’s the ImportExportSupport guide to dealing with this issue.

1. Does this apply to my business ?
If you trade with the EU, and we leave without a deal, you will need an EORI number. Without it, from 31st March, your goods will be stuck at port

2. What is an EORI number?
Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, required by HMRC to allow you to:
Trade goods into or out of the UK
Apply to be authorised for customs simplifications

3. How do I get an EORI number?
Apply online here

4. What Information will I need?
The information you’ll need to make the application depends on the structure of your organisation, but it’s not onerous. Details here

5. Will it take ages?
HMRC promise the application takes 10 minutes to fill in.
You’ll get your EORI number by email within 3 working days.

Our advice in a nutshell
Don’t let your customers down by having their goods stuck at port, apply for your EORI number now. And find agents who can submit your customs entries before it’s too late.
If your business depends on customers or suppliers trading with the EU, check they have an EORI number too.
Please pass this information on to any colleagues in other businesses that may need the reminder.

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