East Norfolk Multi Academy Trust seeks new Trustees

East Norfolk Multi Academy Trust (ENMAT) is currently seeking individuals to join its Board of Trustees.

Many professionals experience a significant moment in their careers that goes unremarked even though it is worth celebrating. That is the moment when you feel confident in the job you are doing; not because there are no challenges, but because you know that you have the experience and the skills required to face those challenges.

If you experience that feeling it may prompt a desire to give something back. How can you make use of that knowledge and skill set? Particularly if there is no obvious opportunity to pursue that internally, at work? Perhaps you might consider volunteering your time and sharing your skills with the Board of East Norfolk Multi Academy Trust (ENMAT).

What do Trustees do? ENMAT’s Board of Trustees operates in much the same way as the board of a company. The Trustees are responsible for determining the strategic direction of the Trust and the institution within it (East Norfolk Sixth Form College Academy) and holding the senior management to account as they run the day-to-day operations. They also ensure financial stability and safeguard public assets and funds. A Trustee is a non-executive director role in function and responsibility, akin to being a Company Director. It is a voluntary role, but the professional and personal benefits are significant given the size of our Trust, the student and staff population, and the budgetary responsibility involved. Our Board has Trustees with backgrounds in law, business, banking education, civil service, tourism, accountancy and beyond.

EN specialises in the education of 16-19-year-old students, impacting on their lives at a pivotal time as they consider their future path, to further or higher education or to employment. Our role is an increasingly significant part of the industry in our region. By closing the skills gap we help to boost local employment, strengthen our community and economy and ensure that our region has a skilled and well-trained future workforce. However, to achieve this we need a board that brings together a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. Good governance depends on multiple viewpoints to inform a reasoned and collective decision-making process.

We woul43d especially welcome applications from people with skills in finance, audit or HR. There 6 meetings per academic year of 2 hours duration. You also need 1 hour per meeting for pre-reading of the meeting reports. To accommodate a professional diary, meetings are held on weekday evenings. Additionally, there is the opportunity to be involved on one of the Board’s Committees depending on your specialist skills. Committees meet 3 times per year. There are also training events throughout the year at which attendance is encouraged. Where possible these are scheduled for times when you are in attendance at meetings but occasionally specialist events are hosted throughout the region. The role is voluntary and unpaid, but expenses are reimbursed where applicable.

We are ambitious...and we expect you are too! The skills transfer of being a Trustee works both ways. Those which you develop and hone while volunteering can be brought back into your workplace. So, while our Board gets the benefit of your skills and experience, you get the chance to undertake valuable personal development. Being a Trustee brings you into the boardroom, whether you are an experienced senior leader used to operating in that sphere, or a someone aspiring to promotion in your professional field for whom this this kind of opportunity is not available internally.

To take your interest forward Please contact Joanne McDonnell, Governance Adviser on jmcdonnell@eastnorfolk.ac.uk/ call 662234 ext. 346

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