Face to Face Finance's novel approach to engaging new markets

Chris Sargisson, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce CEO chats with Julie Hunt, Managing Director of Face to Face Finance, a Norwich company with a very novel approach to engaging new markets.

I asked Julie what prompted Face to Face Finance to create their financially savvy little bear, called Eddie Teddie.

Julie explained “Our clients’ needs are at the very heart of everything we do, and in creating this character we can encourage and engage with a younger audience in a positive and friendly way.” 

“The earlier someone puts plans in place, the more likely they are to reach their long-term financial goals. Through Eddie we are able to engage on a different level, and our aim is to promote financial awareness as early on in life as possible.”

“Eddie’s articles and his book are aimed at young children. But it’s usually only going to reach them via their parent or carer – often after their grandparent or an older relative has pointed them in that direction. Our hope is that by getting finance on the agenda, parents of young children will stop and give their own financial situation some thought.”

She tells me “It has become a fantastic platform for us to connect with our clients, whether through our blogs or his book. We’ve had some great feedback from our clients who do share Eddie’s antics with their children and grandchildren.”

“Eddie’s book has gone down particularly well. We’ve been giving copies to our clients. Several of them have come back and asked for more copies! We know the book has made it as far as America, Australia and Canada! It’s also in local book shops so is helping get the Face to Face name in front of new audiences.”

It is clear that this platform fills an important educational role for the next generation of customers, and Julie told me “whilst his presence enables us to talk about finance, we also get to share some of the other values which are important to us as a business – such as sustainability and kindness without sounding too worthy.”

With Eddie proving such a hit, I was interested to know what’s next on his agenda?

“Eddie will be getting involved in our chosen charity for 2020, Age UK, and coming along to one of their Chinwags. He’s also beavering away on this next book – keep an eye out for it this summer!”

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