Flagship and Victory break down the prehistoric myths about social housing

  • Together with Tenants

Residents voices are heard whilst enjoying a day of roaring family fun at Lenwade’s 85-acre Dinosaur Park

Some say that Dinosaurs developed the earth's first strong social communities and for Housing Associations’ Flagship Homes and Victory Housing Trust it’s a crucial part of what they do.

On Saturday 7th September, for the first time, since a recent partnership which saw Flagship and Victory come together, over 1,000 residents who live in and around North Norfolk, joined 70 staff volunteers for a day of feedback and fun at Roarr Dinosaur Park.

The event offered residents and their families an opportunity to share their stories and views about the homes and communities in which they live, whilst experiencing all that the 85-acre Dinosaur Park had to offer.

Jo Wicker, Director of Engagement and Insight for Flagship Group said “Finding out what matters to our residents is vitally important and we are committed to doing just that. It was all about coming together, building strong relationships with the people that live in the communities we serve and understanding resident priorities”

In the housing providers’ aim to start breaking down some of the common misconceptions about social housing and in supporting the National Housing Federation campaign “Together with Tenants”, this was a great opportunity to consult residents on a range of topics including communication, accountability and giving residents a louder voice.

Jo continued “By giving our residents opportunities to be involved in matters that affect them and enabling them to have a voice and influence over how their homes and communities are managed, it means we can deliver an even better service in the future”.

During the fun, staff from both Victory and Flagship talked to residents and their families seeking their views on how their homes are managed and gathered feedback on what mattered to them.

In addition, NatWest, RSPCA and Green Energy Switch offered advice and information on scams and fraud prevention, pet advice and positive energy use.

Lisa Collen, Interim Managing Director for Victory Housing Trust said, It’s so important to be able to have an honest, open and transparent relationship with residents. Bringing both Flagship and Victory together in our heartland has helped us hear, first-hand, how they feel. If we can make their priorities ours, we can deliver a service that helps people and communities to flourish”.

Residents attending explained that the event has provided them with a great opportunity to play a part in the management of their homes and communities whilst spending quality time with their family, friends and neighbours - fostering a greater sense of community pride.

Nishaa a resident of Victory Housing Trust attended the event with her family and said “the day was such a good idea, not only have we been able to have a lovely day out with our son but we have been able to spend time with people who live in our community and chat face to face with the staff who manage our homes. My son has loved it”

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