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We are pleased to announce that Tudor Lodge Consultants is now working with Playfair Capital ( Helping to improve the online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO) of the Playfair Capital website and brand, we are working to ensure the brand and the company gets the exposure it needs.

Playfair Capital are leading, London-based seed stage investors, having worked with dozens of ambitious brands and companies offering a wide range of products and services.

Why SEO?

Although many people perceive SEO as only being perfect for product-based businesses and offerings, this is in fact not the case. SEO is remarkably effective at helping service-based businesses too. Helping company websites climb the search engine rankings allows for a great deal more exposure to one of the most engaged audiences out there; those that are already searching for your services.

By climbing the rankings, companies can expect to receive increased traffic to their website as well as increased engagement and much more time spent on the website generally. By increasing the numbers of engaged users and those that interact with a website, a brand and its offering, companies can reasonably expect to increase business and importantly, profits and sales.

As a medium to longer term strategy, SEO is also a lot more cost-effective than other marketing channels including pay-per-click (PPC) and traditional methods of advertising like radio, TV and billboard advertising campaigns.

Unlike PPC which charges advertisers based on each click, SEO is an investment in the ongoing presence of a website and contributes most strongly to the earned or ‘organic’ positions via Google and other search engines.

Key Elements of SEO Covered

Rather than a product-related offering where the key point of sale and conversion relies purely on individual and collective sales, service-based companies and businesses require a great deal more awareness online. This means that although ultimately offering a commercial or busines product or service, it is not just about ‘straight up sales,’ but is, in large part about ensuring they are seen and engaged with above and beyond their competitors in their target areas online.

There are a number of key areas within SEO which we are covering for Playfair Capita which include:

Crawling and Understanding – Key to how and where a site is positioned on Google is the ability of the search engine algorithms or ‘spiders,’ which crawl websites to discover and understand what is on a website as well as each webpage. Thus, we are working on ensuring Playfair Capital’s website is not just filled with content, but is understood in the context of the offerings, aims and their wider industry.

Online PR – The online reputation and therefore PR in SEO is important to websites. Acting a strong trust signal to Google and other search engines, online PR in the form of strong, clean and relevant backlinks are a key tenet to the SEO works undertaken.

User Experience (UX) – Although content used to be king when it came to SEO, in more recent years, it is a lot more user focused. This means that rather than having to fill up websites with inordinate amounts of content for the sake of it, it is the user experience and their interactions with a website which play a far more important role when it comes to where a given website should rank. Moreover, good UX allows for better experiences for the users that will inevitably reach the website in question.

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